Tennis: Who's saying what at Roland Garros

Paris (AFP) –


Who's saying what at Roland Garros on Friday:

"I feel really old, but actually, I'm 21. So, like, I feel like when I talk to you guys, it's like I'm talking like I'm a 35-year-old person that's been through a lot."

-- World number one Naomi Osaka

"I haven't won Wimbledon yet either, and it would be really cool to win everything in one year."

-- Osaka on a possible calendar Grand Slam this year.

"This year I called my mom in, like, the second round. I was, like, Do you want to come to Australia because I'm going to win this tournament? She was, like, No. She's like, No, I'm with your sister. No thank you. I was, like, Okay."

-- Osaka on failing to convince her mother to see her play in Melbourne where she went on to capture a second successive major.

"There is an extra motivation and incentive to win Roland Garros because of the opportunity to hold all four Slams, something I did three years ago in my career, and that gives me obviously enough reason to believe I can do it again."

-- Novak Djokovic on his attempts to hold all four majors for the second time.

"Don't know. A bit of a question mark for me. I feel like I'm playing good tennis, but is it enough against the absolute top guys when it really comes to the crunch? I'm not sure if it's in my racquet."

-- Roger Federer, returning to Roland Garros for the first time since 2015, plays down his chances of a French Open, 10 years after his first.

"Well, for me, it's kind of like a miracle. When I was trying to come back and play on the higher level, I couldn't really imagine to being one match from being No. 1 in the world and playing for the title of the Slam."

-- Petra Kvitova on her run to the Australian Open final in January, just over two years after she had suffered career-threatening knife injuries fighting off an intruder at her home.

"I do follow women's soccer as much as I follow men's soccer, so that's not that much."

-- Sloane Stephens, recently engaged to US footballer Jozy Altidore, on the forthcoming Women's World Cup in France.

"I don't care if I'm the favourite. I care about feeling well and playing well."

-- Eleven-time champion Rafael Nadal