Wife of Venezuela's leading opposition figure Lopez in Spain

Madrid (AFP) –


Lilian Tintori, the wife of Venezuela's leading opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez, and their daughter are in Madrid after having taken refuge in Spain's embassy in Caracas, the Spanish government said Tuesday.

In a statement, it said Tintori and her daughter "decided to come to Madrid after leaving the Spanish embassy's residence in Venezuela, where they were staying as guests."

"Both Lilian Tintori and her daughter are in perfect health."

The government gave no further details.

Tintori and Lopez took refuge in the embassy on April 30 after he emerged from house arrest to join opposition leader Juan Guaido at a demonstration to try and incite a military uprising against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which never materialised.

Later that day, Lopez sought refuge in the Chilean embassy with his wife and daughter before moving to the Spanish embassy.

Lopez was first arrested in 2014 and accused of inciting violent protests against the government. He was handed a near 14-year sentence in 2015 and then transferred to house arrest in 2017.

Spain has refused to hand Lopez over to authorities in Caracas, stressing that, under international law, diplomatic residences are inviolable.