Death of Mugabe, Brexit votes, Italy's new government, Hong Kong bill withdrawal, Maurice the rooster

Our panel of journalists discuss the big topics of the week, starting with Zimbabwe. Never did an independence leader weigh so heavily for so long on the fate of his nation. Robert Mugabe has passed away in a Singapore hospital at the age of 95. The schoolteacher-turned-liberation struggle leader led Zimbabwe out of white minority rule and then stayed doing whatever it took to remain in power, always employing the rhetoric of defiance that earned him the nickname of comrade Bob.


In the UK, we saw three votes in the House of Commons and three defeats for new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who this week lost his overall majority, purged 21 members of his own Conservative Party over the vote and instead hit the campaign trail, calling the opposition chicken for doubting he'll keep his word on staging an October 15 general election - before the EU's Brexit deadline.

There seems to be something wrong under heaven and earth when moderate Britain goes radical and further south, Italy disproves a reputation of political chaos and opts for a moderate compromise coalition government.

Over in Asia, it’s the measure that sparked a summer of protest. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the definitive withdrawal of the extradition bill that would have effectively legalised the sending of political prisoners to mainland China. But that was before the crackdown by police and ratcheting up of violence unseen in previous protest movements there.

Last but not least, something to crow about: the fundamental right to good old-fashioned farmyard sounds. When transplanted city slickers tried to silence Maurice the rooster, the French Atlantic sea island of Oléron was left speechless. Now, a court has ruled in favor of the vindicated cockerel. The plaintiffs will have to pay legal fees, plus €1,000 in damages.

Produced by Yann PUSZTAI, Juliette LAURAIN and Melissa KALAYDJIAN.

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