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Wildfires & Global Warming: Portugal & the EU face up to dual dangers (part 2)

They left dozens of people dead, swathes of land burned, and a nation traumatised. As recent wildfires in Portugal focus minds on this natural hazard, our team explores the reasons for the deadly blazes; how Portuguese people are working to limit the risks; and why the global warming already threatening lives in southwest Europe could be just a sign of things to come for the rest of the continent.


In part two of our show, we meet a beekeeper who is suing the EU for "climate inaction" after losing half of her beehives to wildfires. We then ask Portuguese communist MEP Miguel Viegas what more the EU can do to fight climate change.

We also meet with a farmer whose traditional smallholding - what he calls a "mosaic" of biodiversity - could hold answers for the future, and Professor Filipe Duarte Santos of Lisbon University explains how that could stem desertification in the Iberian peninsula.

Those aren't the only natural threats facing European agriculture. Our reports take a look at how Biological Control - using natural predators to halt pests - is growing in Spain; and how Dutch farmers are innovating to ensure they can still produce crops and dairy products despite rising sea levels.

Click here to watch part one of the show.

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