Week in Review: Paris métro tickets on their way out, French ER workers on the brink & Mont Blanc's meltdown


Paris began phasing out the city’s emblematic paper métro tickets this week, while French ER workers continued to strike against work conditions. We also take a look at how Mont Blanc in the French Alps has fallen victim to its own success.



Paris launches ‘Navigo Easy’ card to replace emblematic paper métro tickets

Paris on Wednesday launched “Navigo Easy”, a rechargeable plastic card that is set to phase out the French capital’s emblematic rectangular cardboard tickets that have been used on the city’s métro for nearly 120 years.

Olympique Lyonnais: Where French football stars are made

A number of standout players on the French women’s national team, including Wendie Renard and Amel Majri, share at least one thing in common: They all trained with Olympique Lyonnais.

French senators backtrack on changes to relax abortion law

The French Senate has backtracked on proposed changes to the country’s abortion law, just as the United States passes ever-stricter measures to discourage women from seeking abortion.


From the ashes: Notre-Dame prepares to hold first mass after massive fire

Paris’s Notre-Dame Cathedral will hold its first mass Saturday, two months after a massive fire at the iconic French landmark.

Pushed to ‘breaking point’: French ER workers on strike

French emergency room workers protested again Tuesday against a chronic staff shortage that they say is pushing hospitals to the breaking point and putting patients’ lives at risk.



Annecy: The cartoon capital

Eve Jackson and Dean DeBlois, the Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated writer and director of the "How to Train Your Dragon" saga, bring you the highlights from the world's leading animation festival in the picturesque French lakeside town of Annecy - including a special report on the women involved in the art form.


The climate change effect: Mont Blanc in meltdown

France in Focus reports from Mont Blanc in the French Alps. At 4,810 metres, it’s the highest mountain in all of Europe. But this snow-capped peak looks to be a victim of its own success. With that in mind, the local authorities are taking steps to make sure that the number of visitors is kept under control. But the region is also threatened by climate change, which is having profound effects on the region and those who live there.


Future of food: French supermarkets losing customer base

In this special edition of People & Profit, we take a look at the future of food. In France, leading supermarkets are losing ground in the retail race. Meanwhile, in the UK, farmers are worried about their place in the global supply chain. Kate Moody asks Guy Smith, deputy president of the National Farmers' Union of England and Wales, about the biggest challenges facing the industry. We also check out the growing trend of zero-waste food stores in Paris.


The mystery behind the megaliths of France’s Brittany region

France's western region of Brittany is home to a mysterious phenomenon, a series of “standing stones” known as megaliths. These fascinating structures are proof of a civilization that existed 7,000 years ago. Questions are still being asked about why they were built, what they symbolise and what they tell us about how people lived at that time. Many experts like Yves Coppens, who co-discovered the Lucy skeleton in 1974, are still trying to unlock the stories behind the vertical stones.

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