Macau players protest with farcical 21-18 FA Cup result

Hong Kong (AFP) –


A Macau FA Cup match saw an astonishing 39 goals scored in an apparent protest against a decision to pull out of a World Cup qualifier in Sri Lanka.

The match ended with the score 21-18, days after the Chinese enclave's football association opted to forfeit the second leg of the World Cup match, citing security fears following the deadly Easter suicide attacks in Sri Lanka.

The decision, with Macau leading 1-0 from the first leg and eyeing an extended run in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, left the players furious.

Stepping up their protests, players from Ka I and Hang Sai conjured up the farcical scoreline on Sunday.

Video of the match showed players from both sides strolling around the pitch and scoring goals unchallenged, with even a goalkeeper getting on the scoresheet.

Players applauded when the other team scored.

Lin Fong Stadium officials appeared to lose count with the scoreboard at the end showing 21-17 but the official result was recorded as 21-18.

Hang Sai said it had launched an inquiry.