Baseball umpires slam 'disgraceful' Machado ban

Los Angeles (AFP) –


The Major League Baseball Umpires Association slammed the one-game suspension handed down to Manny Machado on Tuesday after the San Diego slugger's angry reaction to a strike-out call.

Machado, who joined the Padres in a 10-year $300 million deal in March, was issued a ban on Monday after losing his cool in a confrontation with umpire Bill Welke in a game against the Colorado Rockies on Saturday.

The 26-year-old was suspended and fined for "aggressively arguing and making contact" with Welke after being struck out.

Machado also hurled his bat into the backstop after being ejected by Welke for verbally abusing the official.

Machado is appealing the suspension, claiming he didn't make contact with Welke, while footage of the confrontation is inconclusive.

However the MLB Umpires Association have issued an angry statement arguing that Machado had been treated leniently.

"Manny Machado was suspended one game for contact to an umpire during an argument over balls and strikes, while violently throwing his bat against the backstop, with absolutely no regard to anyone?s safety," the body wrote.

"One single game. What kind of precedent is that setting? It is NOT okay to throw a temper tantrum and physically touch someone of authority, just because you don?t agree. Violence in all workplaces is not tolerated. Period.

"A one game suspension for this type of behavior is a slap in the face of all umpires and a disgrace to the game itself.

"Physical contact simply cannot be tolerated, and the penalties need to be swift and harsh."