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'Labour supports having a public vote on any Brexit outcome', top MEP says

This week's guest is Richard Corbett, leader of the UK's Labour contingent in the European Parliament. He's been an MEP for 23 years, and campaigned for the UK's "Yes" in the referendum on entering the EU back in 1975. He has just been reelected - but for how long? Brexit is now set to define what could be his final mandate as an MEP.


Labour had a disappointing result in the European elections, seeing its contingent slashed from 20 to just 10 MEPs, as it lost votes to parties with a clearer message on Brexit.

Richard Corbett gives us his insight into what his party stands for on Brexit - and into its calls for a public vote on a future second referendum.

And he says the victory for the UK's Brexit Party isn't as clear-cut as it would seem - it may have won the most votes, but anti-Brexit parties picked up a larger share of the electorate.

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