Looking back at Mohamed Morsi's life and turbulent year in power

This week, Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi was buried in Cairo, a day after he collapsed in court and died shortly afterwards. Rights groups are now calling for a probe, while the country's state media says Morsi's death was due to a heart attack. We take a look back at his life and turbulent year in power.


Meanwhile, Israel has inaugurated a new settlement in the Golan Heights, a contested territory. The project is named after US President Donald Trump, in a gesture of appreciation for his recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the area.

In Istanbul, two mayoral candidates argued over the election they contested in March, as well as their policies, in a televised debate. The AKP candidate, Binali Yildirim, will face off against the opposition's Ekrem Imamoglu on June 23, in a crucial re-run of the vote. Our correspondents Shona Bhattacharya, Ludovic de Foucaud and Hussein Asad report.

And we bring you the final episode of award-winning animation series "Flavours of Iraq". This week, Feurat Alani takes a look back at Iraq, 20 years after his first trip, the cycles of warfare, sectarianism and the rise of extremism.

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