Week in Review: Notre-Dame donors, football galore and astronaut women on the moon

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This week, FRANCE 24 explored the aftermath of the Notre Dame cathedral fire, caught football fever over the Women’s World Cup in France and the Africa Cup of Nations, and spoke to NASA’s chief about women on the moon at the Paris Air Show.



Small donors are rebuilding Notre-Dame as French billionaires delay

As Notre-Dame held its first Mass Saturday since a devastating fire two months ago, billionaire French donors who pledged hundreds of millions for rebuilding had “yet to pay a penny”, a spokesman for the cathedral said.

Bertrand Guay, AFP

Sudanese activists seek justice for mass rapes after militia’s ‘break the girls’ bid

Sudanese activists are struggling to document reports of mass rapes during a June 3 paramilitary crackdown on a Khartoum protest camp. But security fears coupled with Internet cuts are making it an uphill task.

France begins trial of compulsory civic service for teens

Nearly two decades after France phased out conscription for men, some 2,000 teenagers on Sunday began a pilot programme for a new national civic service, a pet project of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Carli Lloyd: From standout starting player, to the bench and back again

After opening the Women’s Football World Cup in France on the bench, Carli Lloyd scored twice during the United States’ second match against Chile, proving she is still a force to be reckoned with. FRANCE 24 looked back on her glittering career before Team USA’s clash with Sweden.

Mo Salah’s magic makes Egypt the Africa Cup of Nations favourites

Africa Cup of Nations hosts Egypt, who have won the tournament a record seven times, are seen as the team to beat – largely thanks to the talismanic presence of Liverpool striker Mo Salah – as the latest edition of Africa’s marquee football competition kicks off in Cairo.

Khaled Desouki, AFP



France's baccalaureate: The hardest high school exam in the world?

For many in France, passing the national high-school leaving exam – known as the Baccalaureate or Bac – is an important rite of passage. The French love to brag about how tough it is to imply French schoolchildren are smart. But with so many students today making the grade, has the Bac lost its value?


Breaking point: The crisis in France’s hospitals

France’s healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world, but it’s facing an unprecedented crisis. For the past three months, in emergency rooms across the country, doctors and nurses have been on strike. They say they’re fed up with deteriorating working conditions that are putting patients’ lives at risk. France in Focus takes a closer look at the crisis and at the government’s response so far.

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Former US deputy secretary of state William Burns: ‘I’m very worried’ about war with Iran

Former US deputy secretary of state William Burns told FRANCE 24 he is "very much worried" about a potential war breaking out between the US and Iran as tensions mount.

Screengrab, France 24

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine: ‘For the first time, we’re going to send women to the Moon’

At the 2019 Paris Air Show, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine discussed the US space agency's plans to return to the Moon – this time sending women astronauts. Bridenstine also shared more about plans to allow tourists on the International Space Station and shared his thoughts life in the universe beyond Earth.

'Palestinian identity is glued to the notion of establishing a Palestinian state'

Terje Roed-Larsen is president of the International Peace Institute and was a key figure in negotiating the Oslo Accords. He discussed the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the merits of Trump administration plans for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


Concern over lead poisoning after Notre-Dame Cathedral fire

Two months after the devastating fire at Paris's Notre-Dame Cathedral, a new concern has surfaced: lead dust poisoning. During the blaze, more than 300 tons of the toxic heavy metal went up in smoke with the cathedral’s roof and settled as lead dust. One local child has already been found with blood lead levels above the acceptable limit. The Focus team reports.


Female EU Commission president 'long overdue', says Margrethe Vestager

Denmark’s Margrethe Vestager has been dubbed a “giant-slayer” for slapping multi-billion euro fines on the likes of Google and Apple as the EU’s Commissioner for Competition. She is now favoured by some, including Emmanuel Macron, to the European Commission’s first female chief. Vestager tells FRANCE 24’s Catherine Nicholson about her prospects for the post, why women should hold more top political jobs and where Brexit might be headed next.

Screengrab, France 24


Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union take the fight for equality to the small screen

Few female TV leads are also women of colour – a fact all the more true in the action genre. Actresses Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union are shaking it up with their new show "LA's Finest". Genie Godula sat down with the pair, who also executive produced the series, at the annual Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Screengrab, France 24 | Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union


France's Provence region, where herbs are king

You are Here explores the wonderful fragrances of the south of France. The herbs of Provence add a taste of summer to all our dishes, from rosemary to savory.


Screengrab, France 24

Gang of Witches, the feminist sisterhood shaking up the system

Many once saw fashion and feminism as mutually exclusive. Today that couldn’t be further from the truth. Feminism as a political – and sartorial – statement is everywhere, embraced by both established and obscure labels. So who is influencing the influencers here in France? We meet the activist group Gang of Witches, a collective of artists, writers and singers banging the drums of equality.

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