Arsène Wenger on the Women's World Cup: 'The Americans are not unbeatable'

Frenchman Arsène Wenger has spent most of his life alongside football pitches. He holds the record for longest-serving manager in Premier League history. In the 22 years he spent in charge of Arsenal, he won more than a dozen titles. He spoke to FRANCE 24's Sports Editor Kethevane Gorjestani about his management style, footballers' egos and the FIFA Women's World Cup.


Former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger sat down with FRANCE 24 to share some of his wisdom. "Managing a football team for twenty years is like managing a normal company for 200 years", he told our Sports Editor Kethevane Gorjestani.

Wenger says he believes having confidence in human beings is the most important quality of a manager. "I think the manager has to put the player in a position where he believes in his strengths", he explained.

Asked about footballers’ egos at Paris Saint-Germain, he said: "You cannot suppress egos. Ego is desire... But you have to get them to use that desire for the team purpose. And that’s where Nasser al-Khelaifi is right, they have to use that together for the main purpose."

Since he left Arsenal, Wenger's name regularly comes up in the media. But he's says he's "not ready" to return to a high-profile managerial position.

Asked about the FIFA Women’s World Cup, he called the competition "a huge success". Les Bleues, the French team, face Team USA in their quarterfinal clash on Friday, but Wenger believes the Americans are "not unbeatable". He also gave us his take on the use of VAR (video assistant referee) during the women's matches.

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