'We are not leading the country, we are transitional,' says Sudanese military council member

Lieutenant-General Salah Abdelkhalek, a member of ruling Sudan's Transitional Military Council, which has been in power since the ouster of longtime leader Omar al-Bashir in April, discussed the ongoing political crisis in the country and the army's transition plan.


In an interview with FRANCE 24’s Tarek Kai, Lieutenant-General Salah Abdelkhalek, a member of Sudan's Transitional Military Council, discussed the negotiations with protest leaders on transferring power to a civilian administration. He insisted the military "don't want to stay more than six or nine months" in power.

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Lieutenant-General Salah Abdelkhalek justified cutting off the Internet in Sudan over the spreading of "fake news" on social media.

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Regarding the deadly June 3 crackdown on protesters, he said those responsible were "in jail" and "awaiting trial".

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