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Middle East matters

Netflix launches its first Arabic series, 'Jinn'

By: Haxie MEYERS-BELKIN Follow | Sonia BARITELLO | Stéphanie CHEVAL
1 min

Set in Jordan's ancient city of Petra, "Jinn", the first ever Netflix original from the Middle East, is an action drama peppered with teenage flirtation and some ancient demons: in Islamic mythology, "jinn" are supernatural creatures. The series has been lauded by some who see it as a breakthrough for liberal Jordanian filmmaking but it's also caused a fair amount of outrage among those who say it flies in the face of Islamic values. We speak to co-creator and lead director, Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya.


Meanwhile, the first instalment of Washington's long-awaited peace plan for the Middle East is unveiled in Bahrain. Palestinian leaders, however, reject the initiative that earmarks $50 billion for investment in the Palestinian Territories.

And as Turkey's ruling AK Party concedes defeat to opposition leader Ekrem Imamoglu following a re-run of Istanbul's mayoral election, we take a look at the man heralding a '"new beginning" for the city and the country.

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