Netflix launches its first Arabic series, 'Jinn'

Set in Jordan's ancient city of Petra, "Jinn", the first ever Netflix original from the Middle East, is an action drama peppered with teenage flirtation and some ancient demons: in Islamic mythology, "jinn" are supernatural creatures. The series has been lauded by some who see it as a breakthrough for liberal Jordanian filmmaking but it's also caused a fair amount of outrage among those who say it flies in the face of Islamic values. We speak to co-creator and lead director, Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya.


Meanwhile, the first instalment of Washington's long-awaited peace plan for the Middle East is unveiled in Bahrain. Palestinian leaders, however, reject the initiative that earmarks $50 billion for investment in the Palestinian Territories.

And as Turkey's ruling AK Party concedes defeat to opposition leader Ekrem Imamoglu following a re-run of Istanbul's mayoral election, we take a look at the man heralding a '"new beginning" for the city and the country.

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