Tech 24

How to build a bionic man?

Humanity is on the threshold of the Bionic Age. But are we ready for it? From augmented humans to cyborg botany, #TECH24 takes you on a tour of what it means to live in a bionic era. Professor Hugh Herr leads biomechatronics at the MIT. We had the opportunity to sit down with him at the recent USI conference in Paris. He tells us more about becoming cyborgs.


Also, how about some "Frankenfish" for dinner? Genetically modified salmon have been cleared for human consumption in the US by September 2020. These GM fish not only grow faster, they also grow bigger while consuming 10 percent less food. But super-salmon are raising fears among consumers. #TECH24 has the story.

And we discover the startups that are making 3D printing greener. Dagoma uses vegetable materials, made out of corn for instance, while XtreeE prints massive amounts of concrete to mimic the coral reef and help save the oceans. We tell you more in our demo segment.

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