FRANCE 24 talks to Omar Shakir, the HRW director fighting deportation from Israel

Israel has been trying to deport the Israel and Palestine Director of Human Rights Watch over the past year. Omar Shakir's work permit was revoked in May 2018, after 10 months on the ground. This came after he was accused of calling for the boycott of Israel, which he says is not accurate. Today, the case is being dealt with at Supreme Court level. Shakir spoke to us from Ramallah.


Meanwhile, in Iran, the draconian sanctions imposed by the US are taking a heavy toll on the country's economy. And it's not just Iranians who are paying a price. According to the UN, over 700,000 Afghans have returned home, including busloads of unaccompanied children. Our Tehran correspondent Reza Sayah tells us more.

And Egypt is fighting to wipe hepatitis C from its population. A mass screening operation is currently underway, billed as the biggest in the world. Our correspondents Eric de Lavarène, Nadia Blétry and Claire Williot report.

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