Middle East matters

Former diplomat gives insight into Syrian conflict

The Syrian regime and its Russian ally recently stepped up air strikes on jihadist-held Idlib province. Syria's brutal civil war is now more than eight years old and has drawn in world and regional powers, claimed over 350,000 lives and displaced 13 million people. For more, we speak to France's former ambassador to Damascus, Michel Duclos. His book "The Long Syrian Night" has just been published in French. In it, he pulls no punches over the failures of Western powers.


Also, Paris demands answers over the case of Fariba Adelkhah, the French citizen who has become the latest dual national to be detained by Iran.

And FRANCE 24 reports on how growing religious conservatism is killing a one-time highlight of Cairo's nightlife: belly dancing. Our correspondents Ruth Michaelson, Éric de Lavarene and Claire Williot have the story.

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