Turkey pianist performs against cyanide gold mine deforestation

Çanakkale (Turkey) (AFP) –


Hundreds of Turks on Sunday attended a piano recital by composer Fazil Say in protest at deforestation for the construction of a cyanide gold mine in northwestern Turkey.

Canadian mining firm Alamos Gold Inc., which has bought the site near the town of Kirazli in the Canakkale province, has faced strong resistance from activists over the last two weeks.

Environmentalists have launched a campaign to halt the construction of the mine over allegations that tens of thousands of trees have had to be cut down.

Authorities, however, dispute this saying only around 13,000 trees have been cut down and that they will be replanted later.

Activists argue that the mine-related activities in the region could severely damage the environment.

After the concert, opponents walked to the mine site in protest.