The Debate

Macron's G7: The French president's team-building exercise

How will Emmanuel Macron's G7 be remembered? As the sun sets on the southwestern French resort of Biarritz, departing leaders can reflect on the barbs traded with Brazil's president, arguments over dinner about whether to reverse Russia's exclusion from the Group of Seven industrialised nations, raised hopes of compromise on the taxing of internet giants, plus a possible glimmer of hope on Iran.


After the surprise invite of Iran's foreign minister to the sidelines of the summit, the French president is raising hopes of a meeting between Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani within weeks. Has Macron succeeded in reviving the Iran deal? Has Trump tempered his stated dislike for multilateral solutions to global problems?

The G7 club of like-minded liberal democracies has suffered its share of knocks since the US president came to power. Already, its economic clout has been watered down by the rise of the likes of China. Now, what next for a G7 that next convenes in 2020, and whose host will be a certain Donald Trump?

Produced by Andrew HILLIAR, Juliette LAURAIN and Van MEGUERDITCHIAN.

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