In Hong Kong, 'cage housing' and rising living costs fuel tensions

In Hong Kong, tensions between anti-government protesters and the police are escalating. The demonstrations were originally sparked by a planned extradition bill to mainland China, but have since morphed into a wider movement against injustice in Hong Kong. One of those injustices is housing. Although the Asian financial hub may have a reputation for wealth creation, it's also home to vast inequality, as one in five Hongkongers live below the poverty line. We take a closer look.


Meanwhile, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has been under virtual lockdown since August 5, when Narendra Modi's government scrapped the region's special status. As phone lines and the internet have been cut, getting a clear picture of what is happening inside Kashmir is extremely difficult. However, our reporters Surabhi Tandon and Adil Bhat gained rare access and managed to film inside the disputed region. They witnessed protests, as well as how security forces are using violence to try to stifle dissent.

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Finally, in China, the children's clothing market is booming. That means a growing demand for young models. But with the industry expanding so quickly, fears are rising that a lack of regulation will leave children open to exploitation, both by fashion executives and by their parents.

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