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Hip-hop in Saudi Arabia: Radio host Big Hass supports local talents

This week, we introduce you to Hassane Dennaoui, also known as "Big Hass". The 39-year-old was the host of Saudi Arabia's only hip-hop radio programme. Today, he is at the helm of a YouTube show called "Buckle Up", a colourful array of interviews inside a car with local and regional talents. He tells us more about how he manages to get around restrictions in the ultraconservative kingdom and how he also uses his platform to spread autism awareness.


Meanwhile, it's been a roller-coaster week for Iran-US relations, as hopes emerge and fade for negotiations between the two countries on Tehran's contentious nuclear programme.

And Israel reportedly strikes Iranian allies, escalating tensions inside the region.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah have been exchanging tit-for-tat rhetoric.

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