Special edition: Tensions escalate between Israel and Hezbollah

Jalaa MAREY / AFP | This picture taken on September 1, 2019 from a location near the northern Israeli town of Avivim, close to the border with Lebanon, shows smoke rising following an exchange of fire.

Tensions flared Sunday between Israel and Lebanon after anti-tank missiles launched by Hezbollah struck territory in Israel from southern Lebanon, following a week of ongoing tensions between the countries.


Israel said it returned fire Sunday after anti-tank missiles from Lebanon hit targets inside its territory, raising fears of a serious escalation with Hezbollah after a week of rising tensions.

Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri has urged the United States and France to intervene, contacting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and French President Emmanuel Macron's diplomatic adviser to do so.

The head of the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon has also urged "maximum restraint."

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