Cantopop star turns political activist: Denise Ho joins protests in Hong Kong

She rose to fame as a pop star in her native Hong Kong, but Denise Ho's involvement in pro-democracy movements and LGBT rights saw her music banned in China in 2014. Now, she's back in the streets of Hong Kong, lending her voice to the protests fighting to safeguard civil liberties.


We also take a look at the French theme park that celebrates history, culture and some spectacular reenactments as the Puy du Fou plans to open a new site in Toledo, Spain; this expansion’s being celebrated with a new, immersive nightly show.

Meanwhile, the neighbourhood of Lyari in Karachi is being revitalised by its local rap scene, and we check out an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris which turns its back on the man-made world and turns its lens on trees. "Trees" brings together international artists, botanists and philosophers for a reconsideration of this precious natural resource.

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