Peru's Fujimori back in hospital with heart problems

Lima (AFP) –


Former Peru president Alberto Fujimori has been taken to hospital again with heart problems, his doctor announced Monday.

Alejandro Aguinaga said the 81-year-old former president was taken to Lima's Centenario clinic on Saturday night "with cardiac problems."

He said Fujimori was undergoing tests after "suffering atrial fibrillation" or an irregular heartbeat, as well as from "pancreatic cysts."

Aguinaga said it was Fujimori's third hospitalization "in the last 40 days".

A frail Fujimori, president of Peru from 1990-2000, would continue to undergo tests at the clinic, he said.

Between his frequent hospital visits, Fujimori has been serving out a 25-year sentence for human rights abuses in a specially outfitted cell at a police base in Lima.

A court ordered him back to prison in October last year, revoking a pardon granted by then-president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski the previous December.