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In Afghanistan, child amputees struggle to adapt to new life

By: William HILDERBRANDT Follow | Stéphanie CHEVAL | Sonia BARITELLO
1 min

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump cancelled secret peace talks with the Taliban. In the meantime, violence continues in Afghanistan, with children often caught in the crosshairs, whether in US air strikes or extremist attacks. In 2018, ten children from an Afghan family picked up unexploded mortar bomb. Three of them were killed and the remaining seven lost at least one limb each. One year on, the survivors are struggling to adapt to their new reality.


Over in Hong Kong, students and teachers fear China is trying to creep into their classrooms. Schools could be the next battleground amid the pro-democracy rallies. Our correspondents Antoine Védeilhé, Thomas Blanc, Vivien Wong and Charles Pellegrin report.

And a $32 billion solution or just a money pit? Indonesia wants to move its capital from Jakarta to Borneo, but there are fears it could create more problems than it solves.

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