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Tunisia elections: ‘Young people have a role to play’ in politics (4/4)

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Tired of waiting for parties to come to them, young Tunisians have taken up on it themselves to get involved with politics through civil society projects or volunteer work. FRANCE 24 spoke to some of them.


In some of the poor neighbourhoods of Tunis, street shows are a way of interesting young people in politics. Like a show given by the group called “I am an artist despite myself”, an association wanting young and citizens from poor neighbourhoods to “stand up” and “not let anyone influence” them, the troupe says.

The troupe has travelled all over the country over the past days. “We’re not performing to get applause, we’re trying to shock the audience a bit, to shake them up so that everybody understands that young people have a role to play in public life”, one member told FRANCE 24.

Another group of students has another of implicating younger generations. It created a website called “What’s your program?”, adapted to younger readers used to gather news on social media. “There is a gap between traditional campaigning and the way younger Tunisians communicate : candidates still use written press or TV, when young people use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Periscope”, Mohamed Guedira, co-founder of Chnowa Barnamejek, told FRANCE 24.

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