New Costa-Gavras film based on part 'fiction' book: Greek ex-PM

Thessaloniki (Greece) (AFP) –


A book on the Greek economic crisis, on which the new political thriller from Oscar-winner Costa-Gavras is based, is "30 percent fiction", former PM Alexis Tsipras said Sunday.

The 2017 book titled "Adults in the Room" by Greece's firebrand former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis chronicles the final draconian austerity programme imposed on Greece in 2015 as it battled its financial crisis.

It was turned into a political thriller by the 85-year-old award-winning Costa-Gavras, but Tsipras on Sunday the book is "30 percent facts, 30 percent distorted interpretation (by Varoufakis) and 30 percent fiction."

Tsipras, elected in 2015, worked closely with Varoufakis for six months to challenge austerity policies imposed on debt-wracked Greece by its creditors from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

But the pair clashed and Varoufakis resigned when Tsipras decided to give in to the lenders, accepting a third international loan underpinned by new austerity measures.

The Costa-Gavras, the pen name of Konstantinos Gavras, became a household name with the films "Z" and "The Confession".

Partly shot in Athens, the project had the financial backing of Tsipras's leftist government, which contributed 630,000 euros ($700,000), or about one-third of the cost of filming in Greece.