Special Report

Crisis in Argentina: ‘We don’t manage to feed ourselves anymore’

FRANCE 24 screen grab

The two-year-long economic crisis in Argentina has intensified in recent months, leaving even some middle-class families struggling to afford food. France 24 reports.


Inflation has topped 55 percent and 10 percent of the population has newly fallen below the poverty line this year. As government food aid to schools is growing more meagre, nearly 50 percent of Argentinian children are suffering from malnutrition and 30 percent of Argentinians overall.

In response, lawmakers have passed an emergency food law, which has yet to be taken up by the senate. In the meantime, food prices are rising dramatically. Bakeries are giving away their unsold goods and social organisations are working to meet the growing needs of the public. “We don’t manage to feed ourselves anymore,” Alejandro Ahmed, an unemployed restaurant worker told our reporters.

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