Killings by police snipers on the rise in Rio de Janeiro

Before being elected as the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel spoke of his plans to use snipers to fight drug traffickers in the city's favelas. Few believed he'd actually implement the policy - but he did. Now tensions between Rio authorities and residents are on the rise once again. Our correspondents Valeria Saccone and Louise Raulais have the story.


Meanwhile, after attacks on two Saudi Arabian oil facilities wiped out 5 percent of global supply, US President Donald Trump insists the US no longer needs to rely on oil from the Middle East. But just how accurate is that claim?

And more than two weeks after Hurricane Dorian devastated swathes of the Bahamas, many of those made homeless are now grappling with US immigration rules as they fight to win the right to stay with family members in the States.

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