The tattoo taboo: Rugby players and fans asked to cover up in Japan

In Japan, the host of this year's Rugby World Cup, organisers have asked players to cover up their tattoos when not competing. While body ink can be a means of displaying individuality or cultural heritage, many in the country associate it with the Yakuza, a criminal network that has operated in Japan for hundreds of years. Our correspondent Justin McCurry reports from Tokyo.


Meanwhile, nuclear executives in Japan are cleared of negligence in the only criminal case tied to the Fukushima disaster. The bosses were accused of ignoring warnings over the risk of tsunamis.

And almost 20 years ago, one Chinese woman needed $10,000 to open her restaurant. Today, Qin Lingzhi is a millionaire. West Lake Restaurant is said to be the biggest in the world, with three tons of ingredients arriving every single day. We tell you more.

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