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FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar's plans to keep it cool

Qatar has courted controversy ever since the announcement that it would be staging the 2022 Football World Cup. Soaring temperatures first sparked concerns over its suitability to host the high-profile competition. Despite announcing innovative air-conditioned stadiums, the debate on the dire working conditions for those building the stadiums is heating up. We take a closer look.


Meanwhile, rights groups in Egypt say security forces have stepped up their presence in the capital Cairo, following an outbreak of anti-government protests. The demonstrations against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi not only defy a ban on protests, but also mark a rare display of political dissent. Hundreds of people were arrested as protests spread to other cities. Demonstrators say they are fed up with government corruption.

And we take you to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, which for many Syrians fleeing conflict represents some stability and safety. Facilities at the camp, like health and education, have shown signs of improvement. Now, in a bid to boost sport at the camp, Jordan's Prince Ali has joined forces with charities to build football pitches. FRANCE 24's Mark Owen and Zohra Ben Miloud report.

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