Amazon deforestation: NGOs in the line of fire

This week, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro rejected criticism over his handling of the forest fires that have ravaged the Amazon, accusing international critics of having a "colonial spirit”. This comes after a Human Rights Watch report accused Bolsonaro of giving a green light to illegal loggers in the Amazon. Our correspondents Fanny Lothaire and Catherine Osborn have been following activists tracking those fires in the north of the country.


Also, could it be the smoking gun anti-Trump politicians have been waiting for? Speaker of the House Of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has announced an inquiry to impeach the US president. It was prompted by allegations that Donald Trump tried to strong-arm a foreign head of state into investigating his political rival, Joe Biden.

And every day, hundreds of minors are imprisoned in the US for crossing the border illegally. Despite this, many are still prepared to leave their home countries, places like Guatemala where increasing numbers of children take huge risks to build a better future elsewhere.

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