NBA to test single foul shots in developmental league

New York (AFP) –


The NBA's developmental G League will experiment with a new rule this season in which all fouls will be rewarded with only a single free throw, officials announced Thursday.

The change will be tested in the minor league with an eye to seeing if it might improve game flow and trim the length of contests, perhaps opening the door for using it in the NBA one day.

Under the G League rule change, instead of one, two or three free throw attempts after a foul, a player will have just one attempt, but it will be worth one, two or three points.

The experimental rule will not apply during the last two minutes of the fourth quarter or the whole of any over-time periods.

Experimental rules are routinely tested in G League games, which begin in November. The NBA implemented the coach's challenge rule this past season, a rule first tested in the G League's 2014-15 campaign.