Greta Thunberg, Trump's impeachment inquiry, tributes to Jacques Chirac

Our panel of journalists discuss the big topics of the week, starting with The U-S president walking past environmental activist Greta Toonberg to pay a surprise visit to a one-day climate summit that kicked off the annual opening of the U-N general assembly. The 16-year old showing that some things are bigger than impeachment, bigger than Brexit: climate change.


Then we cross to the United States where  the leader of the opposition, Nancy Pelosi pulled the trigger announcing the start of impeachment inquiry proceedings against Donald Trump. The White House twitter account unveiled what it called the full unredacted conversation between Trump and Zelenskiy.

The UK supreme court revoked the prime minister's prorogation of parliament, stating the government had not provided "any reason - let alone a good reason".

France mourns its former president Jacques Chirac who passed away on Thursday aged 86, in Paris. The politician quickly earned the nickname of the bulldozer for his tireless ability to campaign until the cows come home. The longtime mayor of Paris and two-term prime minister was relentless, succeeding in 1995 in his third run for the presidency. He was often unpopular as a leader but he won the hearts of a nation with his larger-than-life personality.

Produced by Alessandro XENOS, Juliette LAURAIN and Perrine DESPLATS

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