Johnson's 'final' offer: The UK prime minister's alternative Brexit proposal

With time running short, it's here: Boris Johnson's long-awaited counter-offer to the EU. The UK prime minister has written to the European Commission president with his alternative to the current Brexit divorce deal and also gave his big speech before the Conservative Party conference. Johnson promises checks moved back from the United Kingdom's only land border between the two Irelands.


Brussels says let's talk, but many EU leaders still wonder if he really wants a deal. After all, Johnson's made clear that his top priority is to win a general election... and until his eleventh-hour offer, he's been campaigning on a "Brexit or bust" platform that's taken the Tories away from compassionate Conservatism. His "Brexit or bust" stance including a purge of moderates. Will it be a winning strategy?

We gauge reactions from Britain, Ireland and the continent where France's Emmanuel Macron has led the charge against a Brexit deadline extension unless there's a tangible breakthrough. If Johnson's offer goes nowhere, get ready for it. November 1 is less than a month away.

Produced by Alessandro XENOS, Juliette LAURAIN and Melissa KALAYDJIAN.

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