Thousands of protesters march to border in Pakistani Kashmir

Sajjad Qayyum, AFP | Kashmiri people march towards the border town of Chokathi to protest against the Indian government lockdown of Indian-controlled Kashmir, in Muzaffarabad on October 5, 2019.

Thousands of people in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir have begun marching toward the highly militarized Line of Control that divides the territory between Pakistan and India to protest the lockdown in Indian-administered Kashmir.


Toqeer Gillani, a leader of Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front, said Saturday the group will cross the frontier near Chakoti. He said they would spend the night at the midway point and resume their on-foot journey early Sunday.

Senior police officer Arshad Naqvi said no one would be allowed to get to the Line of Control due to security concerns.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan warned against crossing the line. He said on Twitter that that would support the "Indian narrative." India blames Pakistan for militancy in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

New Delhi imposed a strict curfew on Aug. 5 after stripping Indian-controlled Kashmir of its statehood.


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