Week in Review: Moulin Rouge still kicking 130 years on, urban farming in Paris and #MeToo turns two

Week in Review
Week in Review France 24 screen grabs

The Moulin Rouge cabaret is still kicking 130 years on, France honours those slain in an attack on police headquarters, urban farming in Paris and #MeToo turns two.


Turkey launches military operations against Kurds in northern Syria

Turkey announced Wednesday that it had launched military operations against Kurdish forces in northern Syria, first with air strikes and then with a ground offensive, prompting thousands of civilians to flee the region. The UN Security Council was due to hold a closed-door meeting on the crisis on Thursday.

Macron pays tribute to officers killed in knife attack at Paris police headquarters

French President Emmanuel Macron led a national tribute Tuesday to the four police employees slain in last week's knife attack in Paris, calling them "victims of Islamic terrorism".

Poland’s LGBT community targeted in run-up to elections

Anti-LGBT rhetoric has been a feature of the campaign ahead of Poland’s October 13 elections, with verbal attacks on gay rights campaigners launched by the country’s de facto leader and a senior Catholic cleric, who likened the movement to a “plague”.

‘It’s against nature,’ say French protesters opposed to fertility treatments for single women, lesbians

Thousands of people thronged the streets of Paris on Sunday to protest a government-proposed bill that would allow single women and lesbian couples the same access to medically assisted fertility treatments as heterosexual couples, including IVF.


Video: Climate ‘apocalypse’: Extinction Rebellion launches fortnight of global protests

The climate activism group Extinction Rebellion launched a fortnight of global protests this weekend, with demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience set to be held in 60 cities across the world.



The Moulin Rouge: 130 years of high kicks at the world’s most famous cabaret

Edith Piaf, Liza Minelli and Frank Sinatra have all performed on its famous stage. The Moulin Rouge’s neon red sails have come to symbolise the more risqué side of Belle Époque Paris. FRANCE 24's Eve Jackson takes us behind the scenes of the venue's "Féerie" show and picks up a few tips from the world-famous dancers of the French cancan.

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Musician Pat Thomas: ‘The hip guys know, highlife is the original thing'

Ghana's Pat Thomas, aka the Golden Voice of Africa, joins us this week to discuss his new album "Obiaa!" and the evolution of highlife, a musical genre born nearly 100 years ago under colonial rule that initially mixed traditional Akan melodies and jazz. We also check out album releases including founding Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon's first solo offering, and third albums from French rapper Vald and Japan's Babymetal.

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French kissing culture: The ins and outs of ‘la bise’

It’s a fundamental part of living in France that can leave foreigners a little flummoxed. "La bise" is the way people greet each other by exchanging kisses on the cheek. Where does this beloved tradition come from? And what are the rules? Genie Godula and Florence Villeminot teach you the basics of "bise etiquette" and how to avoid giving an unintentional French kiss.


Climate change: ‘If the science is scary, the best thing to do is to share it with the public,’ author David Wallace-Wells tells FRANCE 24

In his book "The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future", journalist David Wallace-Wells depicts a planet no longer fit for humans. He warns that by 2050, if we don't change course, storm damage and sea level rise will grow a hundredfold and there will be hundreds of millions of climate refugees. "If the science is scary, the best thing to do is to share it with the public," Wallace-Wells tells FRANCE 24.


Food and the City: Urban farming in Paris

Paris is not a place where you'd expect to find neatly planted rows of fruits and vegetables, but urban farming is flourishing in the French capital. The Down to Earth team takes a closer look.

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THE 51%

Why the #MeToo movement is 'passé' in France

It has been two years since the emergence of the #MeToo movement. To mark the second anniversary, we talk to Dr Jessica Lichy from the IDRAC Business School in Lyon. She has been researching why #MeToo or #Balancetonporc, as it was called in France, failed to resonate as much here as it did elsewhere. We also report on the movement’s impact in India, where in rural areas consent and sexual harassment remain alien concepts.


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A life on the seashore: Myriam, fishing wild mussels on France’s Opal Coast

FRANCE 24 takes you to meet an extraordinary woman working in a male-dominated business. Myriam fishes and sells wild mussels on France’s northern Opal Coast. She has been doing this tough job for most of her life, combing the beach since the age of 16. Now 51, she’s been made a Knight of the Order of Merit and takes top French company bosses out fishing.

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