Air New Zealand offers 'safety tips' to Irish rugby fans

Wellington (AFP) –


Air New Zealand has offered Irish rugby fans some tongue-in-cheek "safety tips" before the countries face off in the quarterfinal of the Rugby World Cup in Japan on Saturday.

The highly tipped All Blacks are straining not to seem cocky ahead of the match in Tokyo, but the national flag carrier has no such qualms, urging Ireland fans to brace for impact.

In a made-to-go-viral online ad, "flight attendants" give a safety briefing in a house occupied by an increasingly forlorn trio of Irish supporters, telling them "to lean forward into the crouch position with your head in your hands" in the event of an early New Zealand try.

New Zealand are favourites to win the clash and go on to lift the Webb Ellis Cup for an unprecedented third successive time.

But the southern hemisphere side has struggled in recent head-to-head games with the Irish.

"Having won two out of the last three games, some Irish supporters may be expecting a pleasant journey," the faux flight attendants note.

"However, we happen to think you might be in for some upcoming turbulence.

"Should the game go down to the wire, an oxygen mask will automatically drop down. Otherwise, please remain seated until your disappointment has come to a complete halt."

"Anything to add @AerLingus?" the company tweeted, taunting Ireland's national flag carrier into a response.

Air New Zealand posted the advert on their Twitter feed