‘Covering’ Brexit: Our reporters’ perspective

FRANCE 24: Covering Brexit.

With the Brexit Halloween deadline approaching, our team went to Brussels for a crunch summit that saw a last-minute deal between the UK and the EU unveiled. They tell us how the two-day event unfolded, and how they have covered Britain’s divorce from the European Union over the past three years.


“Before we get to any summit, we check what’s on the agenda. They give us a certain amount of information, a certain amount of time before,” explained FRANCE 24’s Europe Editor Catherine Nicholson. “With this particular summit, we actually didn’t even really know until the day itself what was going to be discussed in terms of Brexit, and when.”

Francois Picard, host of “The Debate”, was also in Brussels for a special edition of the show. He explained why Brexit is a recurring theme on “The Debate”.

“The point is we never know what's going to happe," he explained. "When the story gets stale, when you know what you’re going to say before you go on air, that’s when you know you need to change topics. What the British have done though, is kept us in suspense and they’re still keeping us in suspense.”

Both Nicholson and Picard have covered the United Kingdom’s divorce from the European Union since the Leave campaign won the 2016 referendum.

“I had no idea that Brexit was going to take over my life in such an all-encompassing way as it has done,” said Nicholson.

Although it has been complicated to keep the public’s interest after three years, since “Brexit fatigue is real”, the Europe editor says she actually likes following “every small step” because it is easier to put the latest developments into context for herself and for viewers.

To watch our FRANCE 24 video on 'Covering' Brexit, click on the player above.

Video by Taise Parente and Faniry Andriamihaja.

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