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'Only death can makes us leave,' Syrian Kurd tells FRANCE 24

FRANCE 24 report from the Turkey - Syria border
FRANCE 24 report from the Turkey - Syria border France 24 screengrab

Thousands of Kurdish civilians have fled northeastern Syria following Ankara’s establishment of its “safe zone”. FRANCE 24 talked to a Syrian Kurd who found refuge in the town of Kobane, which is now patrolled by Russian troops.


The Turkish campaign in northern Syria has proved devastating for Kurdish civilians. FRANCE 24’s Clovis Casali, Karim Hakiki and Amar Al Hameedwi talked to Omar, a Kurd who fled to the city of Kobane.

“We have the Syrian rebels of the SNA, Daesh, and the Turks against us. What will happen to us? They want to exterminate us (…) This area is our history, our pride, our life. Only death can make us leave,” Omar tells FRANCE 24 from the school where he and other Kurdish civilians are now sleeping.

To watch their report from the Turkey Syria border, click on the player above.

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