Chinese hospital suspends staff over JJ Lin medical waste controversy

Beijing (AFP) –


A Chinese hospital has suspended 11 workers for trying to sell medical items online which they claimed had been used by popstar JJ Lin.

The Singaporean singer visited a hospital in Jiangsu province last Saturday, reportedly to be treated for a cold.

After his stay, staff at the Zhenjiang First People's Hospital posted pictures of Lin's medical waste on social media platforms WeChat and Weibo.

One photo showed used tubes, a paper cup, and an empty IV bag labelled with the 38-year-old's surname.

"If you need it, leave me a message on WeChat," wrote the user who uploaded the photo, believed to be a staff member.

Nurses also filmed themselves lying down in Lin's empty hospital bed, reported local channel Litchi Network.

The hospital said all medical waste had been disposed of properly and no equipment was "lost".

"Exposing Mr JJ Lin's private matters has caused ill effects. I represent the hospital in issuing our sincere apology," said Mao Zhenwei, the deputy director of the hospital, earlier this week.

He said the 11 people involved have received suspensions of up to one year.

JJ Lin's production company said he was now feeling better, thanked fans for their "passion" -- but asked them to "respect his privacy".

Many online users criticised the staff.

"They should be fired. How can anyone trust hospital workers like these?" wrote one user.

"Celebrities are people, doctors and nurses are also people. We all have our joys and sorrows," wrote another user.

"But medical personnel should have their own professional ethics."

Some, however, understood the staff's excitement at seeing the singer.

"If it were me, I would insert the needle twice to make sure he doesn't forget me," an online commenter responded.