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The 51%

The fall of the Berlin wall: Closing the gap between mothers in the East and West

Indigenous women murders a national genocide
Indigenous women murders a national genocide FRANCE 24
By: Annette Young Follow | Gaëlle ESSOO | Camille PAUVAREL | Stéphanie CHEVAL
14 min

In this edition, as the world marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we report on one East German trend that's slowly been adopted across all of Germany; that being working mothers.Also it's been called Canada's genocide; hundreds of indigenous women murdered or who've gone missing since 1980. We talk to British journalist and author, Joanna Jolly, about her book on the one killing that finally galvanised the nation.Plus Madrid's Prado Museum celebrates the work of two of the most renowned female artists during the Renaissance period.

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