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Impeachment hearings, Israel, Iran protests, Mourinho


There are so many questions about the Trump impeachment hearings: will the Democrats call more witnesses? Is the evidence enough to impeach the president? Will it sway voters in the general election? And why was this man smiling? Gordon Sondland turned out to be the star witness of the week. A Trump campaign donor who is also US ambassador to the European Union and seemed almost congenial in crucifying everyone who played a role in that July phone call between the president and his Ukrainian counterpart.


The "call it a witch hunt" playbook was also rolled by a close ally of Donald Trump this week. Israel's longest-ever serving prime minister is now fighting for his political survival after a three-year probe by an attorney general he appointed handed up a formal indictment on corruption charges. Benjamin Netanyahu is in hot water, but he has still got a friend in the White House.

The internet service in Iran mostly remains in the dark. A sudden cut in fuel subsidies sparked an immediate backlash in a nation already crippled by sanctions. Amnesty International stated earlier this week it had crosschecked the killing of more than 100 people, most of them in oil-rich Khuzestan province, Kermanshah province and the outer suburbs of the capital Tehran.

And he was run out of Manchester United on a rail but José Mourinho is back in the Premiership. The Special One, as he was known when he first burst into English football at Chelsea 15 years ago, is back this time at struggling Spurs.

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