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French soldiers killed in the Sahel, Trump supports Hong Kong activists, Iraq protests, Black Friday


A moonless night in the Sahel, a patrol on the trail of jihadist insurgents, and two French military helicopters collide. Thirteen soldiers killed, the military's worst single-day casualty toll since 1983. In the southeastern French garrison town of Gap, mountain rangers sing the Marseillaise to honour their fallen comrades, with similar tributes in the southwestern city of Pau where the helicopter regiment is based. Critics of the French operation in the region claim it is a scramble for newfound oil and other raw materials.


It was the week the president of the United States scored points with protesters in Hong Kong. They waved American flags at a Thanksgiving-day rally after the president - albeit reluctantly - signed a bipartisan measure passed in Congress that raises the spectre of sanctions should Beijing crack down too hard.

In Iraq, it has just gotten a lot nastier. Anti-government protests in their second month met with live ammunition throughout the Shia south, including in Nasiriyah. On Thursday alone, more than two dozen were killed across the country; the previous night, protesters burnt down the Iranian consulate in the holy city of Najaf. Protesters say they have had enough of Tehran and their own government.

Black Friday has definitely gone global. Consumers in Johannesburg, South Africa chased sales and bargains in an attempt to save money on their holiday shopping ahead of the Christmas season. Now, though, comes the resistance: Protesters blocked the big shopping mall in Paris's La Défense business district, and also picketed Amazon's French headquarters. Around the world, climate activists are rebelling against Black Friday.

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