The Debate

Counter-terror challenge: France's role in Sahel and the fight against global jihad


Two tributes, one in Paris and the other in London. The one in the French capital was for the 13 soldiers killed on patrol in Mali when their helicopters collided. A reminder that counter-terror and preventing jihadists from preying on weak states is part of an asymmetrical battle that crosses continents. Depending on your vantage point, it can be near or far. Like for those worshippers at a Catholic Church in Burkina Faso gunned down on Sunday morning.


Or for those at London Bridge this Monday, reflecting on the convicted bomb plotter who killed two young people who believed in the cause of deradicalisation. We ask what could have been done, what needs to be done and if we are getting any better at stopping that tiny but determined segment of the population that thinks it is right to kill blindly in the name of whatever cause. 

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Jimena Morales-Velasco. 

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