France's strikes, NATO summit, COP25, Uber safety issues


In France, trade unions are piling the pressure on President Emmanuel Macron, in the hope they will succeed in getting him to back down on his plans to reform and streamline the pension system. On Thursday, workers from across the public sector began what looks set to be the start of the biggest wave of strike action France has seen in some 25 years, with teachers, train drivers, hospital workers, garbage collectors and air traffic controllers walking off the job.  


Leaders of the NATO military alliance gathered in London for what was supposed to be a celebratory summit. Celebratory as the alliance marked its 70th anniversary. However, in many ways, it was anything but a happy birthday. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was overheard gossiping about US President Donald Trump at a reception at Buckingham Palace, prompting Trump to call him "two-faced".

Aimed at tackling climate change, the 2019 UN climate change conference was supposed to be held in Santiago in Chile but was relocated due to civil unrest in the country. The Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg is there in Madrid, surrounded by her supporters. Together they are demanding real action from the delegations taking part in COP25.

The ridesharing app Uber is back in the headlines after the company released the findings of its own report. It shows that nearly 6,000 sexual assaults, in which both passengers and drivers had been victims, were recorded in the US during the space of two years. Amongst the assaults: more than 450 cases of rape. Uber's safety report also revealed 19 fatal assaults during that two-year period.

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