Golf: Guide to the Presidents Cup


Melbourne (AFP)

A guide to the 13th Presidents Cup match between the International team captained by Ernie Els and Tiger Woods' United States at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club from Thursday:


-- Team matchplay: 12 golfers from the United States will defend the Cup, retained two years ago 19-11 in Jersey City, against 12 non-European Internetional players. The US have dominated past editions, winning 10, tying one and losing only once, in 1998 also in Melbourne.


-- Royal Melbourne Golf Club, 7,047 yards, par-71. Course architects Alister MacKenzie and Alex Russell. Founded in 1891 i southeastern suburb of Black Rock.


-- Thursday, December 12: Five fourball matches from 9.32 am (2232 GMT Wednesday)

-- Friday, December 13: Five foursome matches from 11:02 am (0002 GMT)

-- Saturday, December 14: Four fourball matches from 7:02 am (2002 GMT Friday) followed by four foursome matches from 13:32 pm (0232 GMT)

-- Sunday, December 15: Twelve singles matches from 10:02 am (2302 GMT Saturday)


-- All games are played under matchplay rules. The player or pair taking the fewest shots on each hole wins that hole. The team which wins the most holes is awarded one point.

-- A match ends early if a team leads (are 'up') by more holes than there are left to play. If Team A is four up with three holes to play, Team is declared the winner by "4 and 3"

-- If scores are level after 18 holes then the match is "halved" and both sides are awarded half a point.


-- A pairs match in which each member plays their own ball, so four balls are in play at each hole. The player with the lowest score at each hole wins that hole for his team.


-- A pairs match where the two team members take alternate shots using the same ball. One player is nominated to tee off on odd-numbered holes and the other on even-numbered holes.


-- A match in which single players from each side compete against each other.


-- Each match is worth one point for a total of 30 points. A match level after 18 holes is halved. If the competition is deadlocked at the end of singles play, the competition will be deemed a tie and the teams will share the Presidents Cup.