Facebook says ready for new California privacy law

San Francisco (AFP) –


Facebook on Thursday said it is ready for a data privacy law that will go into effect in its home state of California at the start of next year.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will give internet users in the state the right to see what data big tech companies collect about them and with whom it is shared.

"In a few weeks, the CCPA will come into effect and extend new data privacy rights to Californians," the Silicon Valley-based online social network said in a post.

"We are ready for its arrival in part because we've made many long-term investments across our products to help people everywhere easily manage their privacy and understand their choices with respect to their data."

In January, Facebook will release a notice explaining data policy changes made due to CCPA requirements and how people can exercise their legal rights under the law.

Companies have had more than a year to get ready for CCPA, which was signed into law in June of 2018. As part of that process, Facebook has added self-serve tools that any members of the social network can use to download or delete data.

"While we think a strong federal privacy law is the best way to ensure consistent privacy rights for people throughout the United States, Facebook supported the passage of the CCPA in 2018 because our global commitment to privacy is strongly aligned with its underlying principles of transparency and control," the social media giant said.