Greenpeace action threatens EU summit venue

Brussels (AFP) –


An EU summit was at risk of being relocated to a neighbouring building on Thursday after Greenpeace activists scaled the planned venue with the intention of staying there as long as possible.

"The police are currently intervening. The summit will go ahead, but consideration is being given whether to relocate it to the Justus Lipsius building," said an internal message to EU staff.

Early Thursday, 28 Greenpeace activists scaled the facade of the EU's Europa building - where the heads of state and government will meet later in the day to discuss climate measures.

The team deployed a large banner saying "Climate Emergency" and remained gripped to the building. They also held flares.

Brussels authorities deployed fire ladders to the Europa building to dislodge the activists as a federal police helicopter flew overhead.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Laura Ullmann said the plan was to keep the team on the summit venue as long as possible.

"We did our homework. We always try to prepare as best we can, with the safety of our activists a priority," she added.

European Union leaders will later Thursday try to bridge deep divide among member states over how to fund the fight against climate change.