White House hopeful Buttigieg banters with pop star Lizzo

New York (AFP) –


Superstar singer Lizzo on Thursday riffed alongside White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg, who rejigged her signature line to say "I am one hundred percent that nominee."

Buttigieg, running to be the Democratic challenger in next year's election, appeared on the CBS This Morning show alongside Lizzo, Time magazine's newly crowned "Entertainer of the Year."

"Have you had any DNA tests lately?" host Gayle King asked Buttigieg, a reference to Lizzo's hit song "Truth Hurts."

"Yes, and I am 100 percent that nominee to lead the way into the future," he said, prompting giggles.

The actual line: "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100 percent that bitch."

In his CBS interview, Buttigieg, 37, discussed his low polling numbers among black and young voters -- the bedrock of Lizzo's massive recent success.

"The (Bernie) Sanders campaign definitely has more young voters," he said, referring to the progressive senator from Vermont. "I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders when I was 18 years old."

"The longer you're planning to be here, the more you have at stake," he added, before explaining that he would not waive all student debt, as Sanders and fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren have vowed to do.

Asked to describe himself in three words, Buttigieg joked: "Standing near Lizzo."

Lizzo, wearing a fur cloak with a black-and-white herringbone print, chose "glamorous, talented and booty-ful."

The singer, up for eight Grammys at January's gala including Album of the Year, meanwhile dismissed critics of the thong outfit she sported to a weekend NBA game in Los Angeles.

"Well, I had on layers down there. So it wasn't just, you know, flesh to seat… But yeah. It was out. It be out," said the 31-year-old beloved for her body-positive mantras of self-love.

"You know how long it's took me to fall in love with this body? My butt was my least favorite thing about myself, and I learned to love it. And that was the thing everybody can't stop talking about."