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France 24’s Spanish language channel doubles its airtime

The entire team of FRANCE 24 in Spanish pose for a photo at their studio in Bogota, Colombia. August 2017.
The entire team of FRANCE 24 in Spanish pose for a photo at their studio in Bogota, Colombia. August 2017. David Gormezano/FMM
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FRANCE 24 is doubling its daily broadcast on its Spanish language channel. It launched this new extended schedule at 6pm Bogota time (12pm Paris time) on Friday, December 20.


FRANCE 24 launched its Spanish language channel on September 26, 2017, broadcasting two live slots (6-8am and 6-10pm Bogota time). These will now be supplemented by a new six-hour slot (12-6pm), filled with magazines, debates, reports, newspapers and news flashes every 30 minutes.

The Spanish language schedule already includes two programmes jointly produced with RFI Spanish: "En Primera Plana", in which analysts and correspondents from the international press comment on current events; and "Escala en Paris", a meeting with personalities from the worlds of art, science, politics and sport.

The line-up is being expanded to include a third joint magazine, "Carrusel de las Artes", which offers an overview of French cultural news.

Spanish audience growing

This FRANCE 24 channel is distributed in 17 of the 19 Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and Brazil, and is available in 8 million homes, plus 12 million homes with partial distribution in Mexico. In Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, the channel reaches nearly 2 million viewers every week.

On the digital side, FRANCE 24’s Spanish website records nearly one million visits each month, which is up 67 percent compared to 2018. It has received more than 33.4 million videos views on YouTube since January 2019, a figure that has grown fivefold in one year.

This increase in the daily line-up of Spanish-language programmes will enable FRANCE 24 to continue developing its distribution and audience in the region.

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